Empowering Competitiveness and Education in the Danube Region

Located at the pivotal intersection of European commerce and culture, the Steinbeis Danube Center (SDC) stands as a paragon of innovation, educational advancement, and superior collaborative initiatives. Founded in 2011 as a non-profit organization, our core mission is to foster the development of macro-regional partnerships and projects, thereby making a substantial contribution to the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). We are committed to strengthen economic growth, enhancing regional competitiveness, and advancing vocational and educational training initiatives. Our approach is rooted in international collaboration, aiming to leverage the unique strengths and opportunities presented by the Danube Region to create a prosperous and cohesive future for all its stakeholders.

Steinbeis Danube Center belongs to Steinbeis Network and applies the transfer model which is based on more than 40 years successful knowledge and technology transfer.

Navigating Business Excellence

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Deep Expertise: Over three decades of knowledge from German counterparts, specializing in international business development.


Market Navigation: Specialization in navigating the complexities of entering dynamic markets of Europe and Central Asia.


Opportunity Unlocking: Focus on unlocking opportunities, establishing production sites, and fostering R&D collaborations.


Cultural Adaptation: Assistance in understanding the diverse cultural landscapes of the CEE countries and Central Asia for successful market entry.


Objective and Independent Approach: Focused solely on achieving the best outcomes for clients, backed by an unbiased and independent perspective.


Personalized Advice: Commitment-free, confidential advice tailored to your unique business needs, facilitating a conversation that matters to you.

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