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We established Steinbeis Danube Center as a non-profit Innovation Center. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to the European Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), a visionary EU initiative aimed at addressing common challenges and capitalizing on shared opportunities within the Danube macro-region. By orchestrating and implementing pilot projects, we strive not only to pilot innovation but also to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and development.

SDC is renowned for its adeptness in conceiving and executing pilot projects that pave the way for innovation and sustainable development. We are deeply committed to promoting entrepreneurship and to advancing sustainable development. We champion efforts to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and institutions, spearheading initiatives that promote cutting-edge vocational training and educational programs. Through our work, we aim to bridge gaps and create opportunities in the Danube Region and beyond.

Steinbeis Innovation Centers (SIC) focus on projects of a charitable nature. Beyond that they are specialized in market and transfer-oriented, commissioned, development and transfer network research. The umbrella organization of all Steinbeis Innovation Centers is the Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH in Stuttgart, Germany.

Steinbeis Competence Group EAST-WEST

Steinbeis Azerbaijan is an integral member of the Steinbeis Competence Group EAST-WEST that generate synergies for successful business operations across Europe. Our group, coordinated by Juergen Raizner, is dedicated to creating competitive advantages, stimulating innovation, and facilitating university-industry R&D collaboration. With a strategic presence in Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Romania, and Ukraine, each enterprise within the group brings a unique value, whether it is managing international projects, providing top-level services for business in Europe, supporting macro-regional partnerships, or establishing a business environment that connects East and West. Together, we form a powerful alliance aimed at enhancing the business success of our clients throughout Europe and beyond.

All Steinbeis Enterprises of our Competence Group
are part of the Steinbeis Network

Steinbeis Network

Steinbeis is an expansive international network with over 1,100 enterprises and 5,200 experts working in various fields to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer. For over 30 years, the brand has been synonymous with building durable connections between knowledge sources and application areas. Steinbeis prides itself on the tangible benefits it brings to its clients and business partners, offering a comprehensive spectrum of services in technology and management competence. Operating independently without state funding, Steinbeis adheres to market rules, with a focus on entrepreneurial transfer processes and decentralized operations coordinated through a centralized framework. This unique structure has positioned Steinbeis as one of the world’s leading providers in its field.

Research and Transfer by the Steinbeis Network: Technology Fields


Information and Communication technologies. Data protection. Communication. Software. Audiovisual technology..


Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Plant Technology and agrobiotechnology. Life Sciences. Industrial biotechnology and environmental technology. Medicine/medical technology.


New Materials. High-performance construction materials. New functional materials. Materials used in electronic data processing and nanomaterials.


Power Engineering. Renewable energy. Hydrogen energy and alternative forms of energy. Energy conservation and reduction of energy consumption in buildings, industry and transport..


Environmental Technology. Clean technology applications. Solid mineral resources. Oil and gas resources. Water and marine resources.


Production and process engineering. Digital production planning. Environmentally friendly production system. Micro-/Nanomanufacturing, Environmental protection equipment.

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