Business Plan Contest

Early Innovators Business Plan Contest

July 1st, 2020: Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation and Steinbeis-Donau-Zentrum (Germany) sign contract to finance Early Innovators Business Plan Contest. Project proposal was submitted in the Program „Perspektive Donau: Bildung, Kultur und Zivilgesellschaft“ of Baden-Wuerttemberg Foundation by the non-profit unit of Steinbeis Competence Group East-West.

Summary of the project:

Three project partners are conducting a business plan competition in Romania, which can be continued after the end of the project. Teachers and participants (15-19 years old) will receive professional support. Connections to city administrations, universities and companies will be established. Start of the competition and results will be made public. Interest in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and study courses is encouraged. Approaches towards dual education issues are introduced.

Background of the project:

  • European Early Innovators Initiative (EEII) – project funded from Danube Strategic project Fund ( – aimed to identify best practices into guiding youth to STEM and to stimulate young researchers entrepreneurship to fulfill market needs;
  • YES!EUSDR (Youth – Entrepreneurship – Science) – official side event to the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum ( – platform aimed to design best projects idea for Danube region in field of entrepreneurship in science.

Summary of activities:

  • Selection and definition of the general education schools where the competition will be held
  • Selection and definition of the vocational schools where the competition will be held
  • Develop a transparent procedure for the evaluation of submitted business plans
  • Development of a training concept for participating teachers
  • Organizing launch events in the participating cities to advertise the competition among teachers and pupils; other guests: representatives of school inspectorates, city administration, regional development agencies, media
  • Announcement of competition details and conditions of participation (online)
  • Contacting companies to partner in: (a) advertising the competition, (b) providing prizes for winners (3) and for as many participants as possible
  • Involvement of young scientists from universities to present current research topics (online) and stimulate the creativity of the participants
  • Formation and briefing of the jury
  • Recommendation of measures for 2021

Duration of the project: 01.07.2020 – 25.06.2021

Project partners:

  • Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH (Steinbeis-Donau-Zentrum), Germany
  • Steinbeis Transfer Management S.r.l, Romania
  • Dambovita County Council, Romania