Portfolio: Expertise and Achievements

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Harnessing the power of innovation to fuel business creation and growth across diverse sectors. This area showcases our success in fostering entrepreneurial thinking among youth, with notable projects like the “Early Innovators Business Plan Competition” in Romania, which encourages young minds to develop and present viable business ideas. Additionally, it highlights our involvement in tech startups through the ADB project titled “Fostering Development of Local Tech Startups in Azerbaijan,” aimed at boosting the tech ecosystem by providing essential support and resources to emerging tech companies. Moreover, our commitment to enhancing skills is demonstrated through programs focused on training entrepreneurs in innovation management in Romania, equipping them with the tools necessary for success in highly competitive markets.

Strategic Capacity Enhancement

Elevating organizational and regional capacities through targeted educational and infrastructural programs. Our projects include establishing support centers for startups at universities, e.g. as part of the ADB project aimed at developing local tech startups in Azerbaijan. We also launched the initiative to establish Danube Transfer Centers (DTC) in Romania, Slovakia, and Serbia, and have gone further by creating Steinbeis Transfer Centers in Austria, Romania, and Ukraine, significantly expanding the scope and impact of our capacity-building efforts. Additionally, our leadership roles in co-founding the Sustainable Development Cluster for the Danube region and founding the Early Innovators Association in Romania showcase our dedication to enhancing the innovative and competitive capabilities of these regions through strategic collaboration and development.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Advancing energy efficiency and sustainable practices through cutting-edge projects and strategic dialogue. Our work includes significant contributions to the European Climate Initiative, e.g. through our project EDAPHIC-BLOOM Danube, focused on enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings. We actively engage in policy-making, frequently presenting on nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) Standards in the Romanian Parliament, helping shape national energy policies. Additionally, we are involved in the preparatory dialogue for the upcoming COP 29 climate conference, emphasizing our role in global environmental discussions. Our interests also extend to the development of hydrogen production technologies and the establishment of a Green Corridor that connects Central Asia with the Danube Region, proposing innovative solutions for sustainable energy and infrastructure.

Integrated Macro-Regional Development

Fostering cooperation and strategic development in and between Macro-Regions. SDC fosters cooperation and development across European Macro-Regions and beyond. Our expertise is highlighted by our active participation in major initiatives like the “Danube Macro Region Business Week.” We led projects such as the “European Early Innovators Initiative,” involving partners from the Adriatic and Ionian Macro-Region. Additionally, we have analyzed synergies with the Chinese Belt & Road initiative, exploring collaborative opportunities that span continents. Our team has also presented the concept of macro-regions several times to the United Arab Emirates, facilitating international understanding and cooperation. Furthermore, our contributions to the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) as Technical Assistance for Priority Area 8 (PA8) and our involvement in governmental commissions with Baden-Württemberg illustrate our pivotal role in shaping macro-regional policies and driving development.

Global Supply Chain Excellence

Optimizing and innovating supply chain operations to enhance global trade efficiency. Recognized as experts with practical experiences in the field, we have spearheaded numerous business development projects that have significantly improved supply chain resilience. Our expertise is frequently showcased on international stages, including being invited as speakers at major conferences such as the Investment Management Exhibition in Frankfurt. Notably, we have served as keynote speakers at the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Dubai and MedaLogistics Week in Barcelona, where we share our insights and strategies with global audiences. These engagements underscore our leadership in driving advancements in global supply chain practices.

Funding and Partnership Advancement

Mastering the utilization of diverse funding sources to propel innovative projects and partnerships. We have extensive experience working with funds from the European Climate Initiative, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation, and various European programs fostering international collaboration in innovation and education, including Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe. Our expertise in forming effective consortia for such programs is complemented by our robust project management skills. Notably, the director of the SDC is also a lecturer in project management at a German university, underscoring our deep understanding of organizing and leading complex projects to successful outcomes.

Advanced Educational Frameworks

Enhancing higher education and vocational training through expertly designed curricula and targeted educational programs. With over 20 years of teaching experience at the university level, we have a profound understanding of curriculum development, tailored to meet evolving educational and industry needs. Our expertise extends to training entrepreneurs across various countries, where we create target-oriented curricula that align precisely with training requirements. Recently, we organized a summer school in Ukraine focused on building capacities for competencies in accessing the European Union. Our public-funded projects consistently include bespoke training modules, which we meticulously design and implement. Additionally, we support initiatives to promote vocational educational training in the Danube region, drawing on the best practices of Baden-Württemberg to foster industry-relevant