MedaLogistics Week 2024 | Networking across Macro-Regions

Unlocking Synergies: Strategies for improved Mediterranean cooperation and global integration

Cooperation between the Mediterranean and other regions is improving exponentially, but there are still areas of untapped potential. In order to comprehensively assess and discuss the current situation in the region, international experts met for a panel discussion at the SIL Knowledge Programme in Barcelona. Also present: SDC Director Juergen Raizner.

We are known for our commitment in Central and Eastern Europe. But we are of course active throughout Western Europe. We would therefore like to thank for inviting us to Barcelona.

— Juergen Raizner

Internationalisation of Regional Enterprises

Raizner explained how companies from the Mediterranean region can strengthen their international presence. The SDC helps with capacity expansion measures, supports market entry planning and contributes to strengthening adaptability to global market requirements. Internationalisation is a key factor in promoting economic integration and prosperity in the Euro-Med-Africa Triangle region..

Innovation through Sustainable Ecosystems

In an increasingly globalised world, cooperation between educational institutions and industry plays a decisive role in increasing the competitiveness and innovative strength of regions. One of Raizner’s key concerns was the promotion of innovative ecosystems that support both educational institutions and companies. By creating such ecosystems, new technologies and business models can be developed and put into practice more quickly.

Cooperation between Education and Industry: a Key to Global Competitiveness

Raizner emphasised the need for more intensive cooperation between universities and industrial companies in the Mediterranean region. These partnerships enable industry to utilise the expertise and equipment of universities for the development of technological innovations. In return, the universities gain valuable insights into current market trends and can orientate their research work accordingly. Demand-orientated technology transfer is in line with the basic principles of Steinbeis.

Call to Action

You are cordially invited to participate in these initiatives and join us in shaping the future of the Mediterranean region.