Tulcea 2022

Who initiates research? The scientist or the entrepreneur?

Jurgen Raizner on networking and technology transfer

01.06.-05.06.2022, Tulcea | “Deltas & Wetlands”, 29th edition

Scientists from various disciplines meet at the international symposium “Deltas and Wetlands” in Tulcea, Romania. The Steinbeis team Roxana Boboruta and Jurgen Raizner were there as representatives of the business community.

Raizner addressed the question to the audience: who should ideally decide what knowledge is to be created by science? Or: how does a scientist know which research projects are really relevant? Entrepreneurs know the market and can make suggestions – or place orders. But how does an entrepreneur know what research is capable of developing. More communication and cooperation between science and business are needed. Economic challenges can generate new research projects.

The innovation potential of technology transfer centres is a driving force for economic growth. Universities usually have offices for technology transfer. But does a company really buy a patent from a university? The Joint Research Center of European Commission runs the Technology Transfer Office Circle, Romania has a national network for innovation and technology transfer (ReNITT – RO INNO). In the Danube region, a network of Danube Transfer Centres is being established. The Steinbeis Network differs from the examples mentioned in important details. Steinbeis orients its technology transfer to concrete demand. Entrepreneurs receive individual solutions. There are short communication channels and quick decisions. Raizner explains a few of these advantages and invites to cooperation.

Tulcea is the gateway to the Danube Delta and the seat of the Danube Delta National Institute, the organiser of the symposium. Countries of origin of the participants and the members of the scientific committee: Albanian, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, USA, United Kingdom. Promissing discussions started and will be continued as soon as possible.

In attending the symposium, the team of Steinbeis Danube Center followed the invitation of the Danube Delta National Institute, one of the project partners in the EUKI project “EDAPHIC-BLOOM Danube”.